The Practical Test

Booking the Test

You can book your practical test by either:

  • Visiting the DVSA website and clicking on “Online Booking”
  • By calling 0300 200 1122

Driving Test Centres

The majority of my tests are conducted at the Basingstoke Test Centre, but I also use Newbury and Reading.

The Test

The Practical test usually takes between 35-45 minutes but you will normally only be driving for around 35-40 minutes of this time. On arrival at the test centre you will meet your examiner and will be asked to produce your licence – don’t forget it!

After introducing himself, the examiner will take you to read a numberplate (from approx. 20.5 metres distance) to check your eyesight. He will then ask you to answer a “tell me” question (click here for a list of these). You will then get in the car and the examiner will explain to you what will happen during the test.

During the test, you will be tested on your general driving skills as well as the ability to:

  • Pull up in a safe place on the left
  • Move off on a hill
  • Move off from behind a parked car
  • Do one manoeuvre
  • Demonstrate a show me question
  • 20 minutes of independent driving or 20 minutes following a sat nav
  • Do a controlled emergency stop (this only happens on a small number of tests)

When you return to the test centre, the examiner will tell you how you did and give the appropriate forms, and the test will be over!

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