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Driving Theory Test

This page contains helpful information about the Theory Test.

Booking the Theory Test

You can book your theory test by either:

The Test

The local test centre for your theory is in Reading (the Basingstoke centre closed in August 2011). On the day, you must take both parts of your license with you - don't forget these! Learner drivers have to pass the theory test before they can take the practical driving test. The theory test comprises two parts:

To pass your theory test you must achieve at least the minimum pass mark (shown above) in both parts of the test. After the test, you will be given a certificate if you passed.

Helpful Materials

You can buy a variety of books to help with passing your theory, as well as the mock theory PC-CD. This is available from the DVSA website, Amazon, and retailers such as WH Smith and GAME.

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