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Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame shows the pupils that have passed their driving test by year. Use the links to the right to view different years.

Hall of Fame: 2016

These are the pupils that have passed their test in 2016.

Name Date Time Centre Examiner
Luke Skeels 21/01 9.37am Basingstoke Channon White
Dan Arlott 18/02 8.10am Other Neil Edwards
Grant Macalister 18/02 2.05pm Basingstoke Nigel Upton
Lee Pentlow 19/02 10.44am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Naomi Cole 09/03 11.41am Basingstoke Tracy Quelch
Louis Black 17/03 08.40am Basingstoke Tracy Quelch
Gemma Vasic 18/03 3.02pm Basingstoke Nigel Upton
Dani Smithers 21/03 10.44am Basingstoke Darren Ward
Athina Giles 22/03 08.40am Basingstoke Darren Ward
Shane Jones 07/04 10.44am Basingstoke Nigel Upton
Toni Bowels 31/03 10.44am Basingstoke Tracy Quelch
Shane Jones 07/04 10.44am Basingstoke Nigel
Bruce Simpson 19/05 8.40am Basingstoke Tracy
Kelly McKenna 20/05 8.40am Basingstoke Tracy
James Hardy 08/06 9.37am Basingstoke Tracy
Jake Shaw 01/06 9.37am Basingstoke Darren
Luke Westcott 11/06 9.37am Basingstoke Sam
Jo Brown 24/06 1.08pm Basingstoke Darren
Tiana Patel 05/07 8.4@am Basingstoke Sam
Heather Hutchins 20/07 2.05pm Basingstoke Dave
Liam Devenney 22/07 2.05pm Basingstoke Darren
Shai-Emily Carter 12/08 8.40am Basingstoke Darren
Lewis Phipard-Shears 26/09 10.44am Basingstoke Sam
Jess Cole 05/09 9.37am Basingstoke Nigel
Taylor King 19/10 1.08pm Basingstoke Dave
Zoe Adams-Scouse 26/10 10.44am Basingstoke James
Sam Tordoff 28/10 3.02pm Basingstoke James
Laura Spearman 04/11 9.37am Basingstoke Sam
Zoe Clayton 09/11 9.37am Basingstoke James
Joel Busbridge 07/11 3.02pm Basingstoke James
Olivia Frost 16/11 3.02pm Basingstoke Sam
Natalie Bartlett 18/11 9.37am Basingstoke Nigel
Phoebe Alderton 30/11 11.11am Basingstoke Dave
Tammy Black 12/12 11.11am Basingstoke Nigel
Charlotte Edwards 07/12 2.32pm Basingstoke Darren
Chloe Kempster 15/12 9.07am Basingstoke Dave
Paula Fell 19/12 2.32pm Basingstoke Darren

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