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Hall of Fame

The Hall of Famey shows the pupils that have passed their driving test by year. Use the links to the right to view different years.

Hall of Fame: 2013

These are the pupils that passed their test in 2013.

Name Date Time Centre Examiner
Emily Hall 10/01 9.37am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Cameron Sweeney 17/01 2.05pm Basingstoke Janet Dalgleish
Dan Hargreaves 13/02 8.40am Basingstoke Gordon Farquar
Ricky Brar 06/03 10.44am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
James Wilkey 07/03 11.41am Basingstoke Channon White
Nyrian Barrett 15/03 2.05pm Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Chris Birkett 19/03 9.37am Basingstoke Gordon Farquar
Reece Baggs 09/04 08.49am Basingstoke P Middleton
Ellie Wood 15/04 2.05pm Basingstoke P Middleton
Martin Tossell 29/04 2.05pm Basingstoke Tony Jupp
Sam Busbridge 06/06 8.40am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Elisha Jackson 11/06 10.44am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Darian Caswell 24/06 3.02pm Basingstoke Channon White
Ashleigh Coker 10/07 8.40am Basingstoke Channon White
Pete Macdonald 10/07 11.41am Basingstoke Stand-in Examiner
Giorgio Nocella 22/07 8.40am Basingstoke Stand-in Examiner
Dan Sargent 29/07 8.40am Basingstoke Channon White
Clarissa Hearn 26/07 3.02pm Basingstoke Stand-in Examiner
Maddie Smith 30/07 11.41am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Simon Taylor 31/07 9.37am Basingstoke Stand-in Examiner
Conor Hughes 05/08 1.35pm Newbury S Parker
Amelia Claridge 06/08 10.44am Basingstoke Channon White
Lee Smith 16/08 11.41am Basingstoke Channon White
Jay Barker 20/08 2.05pm Basingstoke Channon White
Ronan Devine 22/08 3.02pm Basingstoke Channon White
Kaylie Tang 12/09 2.05pm Basingstoke P Middleton
Rob Matthews 25/09 2.05pm Basingstoke A Jones
Olivia Giles 02/10 9.37am Basingstoke A Jones
Adelle Speed 07/10 8.40am Basingstoke A Jones
Seamus Condon 15/10 3.02pm Basingstoke Tony Jupp
Dan Taylor 01/11 2.05pm Basingstoke Channon White
Kevin Richardson 04/11 2.05pm Basingstoke Gordon Farquar
Sam Geller 05/11 8.40am Basingstoke P Middleton
Jake Thurly 11/11 8.40am Basingstoke P Middleton
Reece Barrett 27/11 11.41am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Mandy Smith 11/12 11.41am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Damien McHale 13/12 8.40am Basingstoke Channon White
Beckie Hayward 19/12 8.40am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Callum Wooldridge 20/12 10.44am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner


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