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Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame shows the pupils that have passed their driving test by year. Use the links to the right to view different years.

Hall of Fame: 2011

These are the pupils that passed their test in 2011.

Name Date Time Centre Examiner
Chantal Reynolds 05/01 9.37am Basingstoke Gordon Farquar
Zenna Bunting 13/01 9.37am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Brittany Murcar 19/01 9.37am Basingstoke Janet Dalgleish
Scott Obrian 31/01 10.44am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Karen Wigginton 03/02 2.05pm Basingstoke Gordon Farquar
Sam Barnes 09/02 1.08pm Basingstoke Stephen Stretton
Aurie Woodley 21/02 9.07am Newbury Neil Edwards
Paul Mellor 21/02 3.02pm Basingstoke Janet Dalgleish
Cheryl Pope 27/02 11.41am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Jason Hanson 13/04 10.44am Basingstoke Stand-in Examiner
Sinead Woods 20/04 10.44am Basingstoke Stand-in Examiner
Lewis Dyment 22/04 2.05pm Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Tim Ford 29/04 8.40am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Sam Edmonds 04/05 8.40am Basingstoke Stephen Stretton
Lewis Cooper 09/05 10.44am Basingstoke Janet Dalgleish
John Hannon 09/05 3.02pm Basingstoke Pete Draycot
Russel Johnston 16/05 1.08pm Basingstoke Stephen Stretton
James Grant 27/05 1.35pm Newbury Neil Edwards
George Grey 01/06 8.40am Basingstoke Stephen Stretton
Zoe Hartley 04/07 9.37am Basingstoke Janet Dalgleish
Kasia Wenta 19/07 10.44am Basingstoke Tony Jupp
James Rolfe 28/07 11.41am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Ryan Wakor 04/08 9.37am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Camaron Harris 24/08 8.40am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Heather Rogers 26/08 9.37am Basingstoke Janet Dalgleish
Ben Shoulder 01/09 3.02pm Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Stephen Pearce 12/09 9.37am Basingstoke Stand-in Examiner
Sarah Pearcey 19/09 9.37am Basingstoke Stand-in Examiner
Nicola Black 20/09 8.40am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Rob ColquHoun 28/09 10.44am Basingstoke Tony Jupp
Bradley Thompson 28/09 3.02pm Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Jordan Ingram 29/09 2.05pm Basingstoke Stephen Stretton
Alison Petrie 04/10 11.41am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Kimberly Thomas 10/10 3.02pm Basingstoke Janet Dalgleish
Chloe Brown 12/10 8.40am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Emma Goater 09/11 8.40am Basingstoke Pete Draycot
John Rawlings 15/11 11.41am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Archie Hutchins 16/11 10.44am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Brooke Knight 14/12 3.02pm Basingstoke Tony Jupp
Lucy JanSingh 20/12 3.02pm Basingstoke Stephen Stretton
Morie Morrisen 29/12 9.07am Newbury John Mills

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