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The Hall of Famey shows the pupils that have passed their driving test by year. Use the links to the right to view different years.

Hall of Fame: 2005

These are the pupils that passed their test in the year 2005. The least amount of less serious (minor) faults were one and the most were eleven.

Name Date Time Centre Examiner
Dean Shoulder 10/01 9.37am Basingstoke Gordon Farquar
Kate Goodwin 11/01 10.44am Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Becky Chatburn 13/01 8.40am Basingstoke Andrew Browett
Sara Bowman 02/02 8.40am Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Laura Henry 07/02 2.40pm Newbury Colin Bell
William Anstie 02/03 9.37am Reading Nick Andrews
Ceri Tempel 07/03 9.37am Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Neil wake 09/03 14.30pm Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Charlie Morris 14/03 8.40am Basingstoke Gordon Farquar
Sam Brown 15/04 10.44am Newbury Dave Hicks
Coleen Healy 21/04 8.40am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Jennifer Smale 25/04 9.37am Basingstoke Andrew Browett
Justin Nicel 27/04 8.40am Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Sophie McNeal 29/04 10.44am Basingstoke Richard Marchent
Phillip Harris 05/05 13.33pm Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Jon Stacey 07/05 9.37am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Michael Quenelle 09/05 10.44am Newbury Dave Hicks
Nick Bourne 09/05 14.30pm Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Dug McAllister 12/05 9.37am Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Tina Richardson 31/05 11.41am Basingstoke Richard Marchent
Alan Lumbden 08/06 9.37am Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Clair Wilson 14/06 10.44am Basingstoke Neil Edwards
June Sam 20/06 14.30pm Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Leanne Small 22/06 8.40am Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Shaun Russell 30/06 15.27pm Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
John Whitlestone 04/07 11.41am Basingstoke Andrew Browett
Carlie Wishart 11/07 15.27pm Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Ben Keatley 15/07 13.33pm Basingstoke ?
Kirsty Chown 29/07 13.33pm Newbury ?
Chris Denton 15/08 11.41am Basingstoke ?
Ben Brown 22/08 10.44am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Shelly Goodenough 02/09 13.33pm Newbury Colin Bell
Chris Adams 16/09 15.02pm Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Mary Sheridan 04/10 14.05pm Basingstoke Andrew Browett
Laura Smith 06/10 9.37am Newbury Mike Hall
Tony Pearce 18/10 8.40am Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Cornellia DeBoigne 28/10 11.41am Basingstoke Stephen Stretton
Rob Selward 31/10 14.05pm Basingstoke Stephen Stretton
Steph Martin 21/11 10.44am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Kirsty Duggan 24/11 9.37am Basingstoke Stephen Stretton
Hanna Fleet 30/11 9.37am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Dave Barrett 01/12 14.05pm Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Colin Monger 06/12 9.37am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Billy Howard 15/12 10.44am Basingstoke Stephen Stretton
Charlie Entignap 20/12 14.05pm Basingstoke Dave Chaloner

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