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Hall of Fame

The Hall of Famey shows the pupils that have passed their driving test by year. Use the links to the right to view different years.

Hall of Fame: 2004

These are the pupils that passed their test in the year 2004. The least amount of less serious (minor) faults were three and the most were thirteen.

Name Date Time Centre Examiner
  Danny Smith 07/01 08.40am Basingstoke M Hall  
Luke Smith 12/01 14.30pm Newbury ?
Maria Janes 30/01 14.30pm Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Yvonne livingstone 04/02 14.30pm Basingtsoke Gordon Farquar
Craig McCullam  12/02  13.33pm Basingstoke Neil Edwards 
 Michael Simpkin 13/02 13.33pm Basingstoke Gordon Farquar 
 Daniel Johnson 10/03 09.37am Basingstoke  Gordon Farquar
  Vicky Charlesworth  24/03 13.33pm Newbury Colin Bell  
Tim Pearson 04/06 13.33pm Basingstoke ?
Richard Avery 10/06 08.40am Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Dave Watson 16/06 08.40am Basingstoke John Somerfield
Daniel Lee 18/06 09.37am Newbury Stan Riely
Amy Saunders 21/06 09.37am Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Mark Hutchins 25/06 15.27pm Basingstoke Gordon Farquar
Russell Bruce 07/07 08.40am Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Dan Box 09/07 08.40am Basingstoke Gordon Farquar
Kayley Lambourne 30/07 08.40am Basingstoke Gordon Farquar
Catherine Shaw 30/07 14.30pm Reading ?
Aaron Appleton 02/08 09.37am Basingstoke Pete Draycot
Darren Church 27/08 14.33pm Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Laura Spicket 10/09 11.41am Basingstoke Stan Riley
Matt Dowling 20/09 15.27pm Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Kayleigh Keen 15/10 10.44am Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Matt Bertocchi 15/10 14.30pm Basingstoke Mike Hatten
Laura Jones 21/10 08.40am Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Jimmy Archer 29/10 08.40am Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Scott Follington 02/11 09.37am Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Christine Howard 03/11 08.40am Basingstoke Pete Draycot
Veronika Addington 04/11 10.44am Basingstoke Gordon Farquar
Gary Homewood 24/11 09.37am Basingstoke Gordon Farquar
Lisa Bruford 30/11 09.37am Basingstoke Andrew Browett
Fiona Allen 01/12 14.30pm Basingstoke Neil Edwards
Phill Mean 02/12 14.30pm Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Barry Deal 03/12 11.41am Basingstoke Andrew Browett
Lawrence Chown 08/12 11.41am Newbury Chris Hanson
Mickey Turner 09/12 14.30pm Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Laura Taylor 11/12 13.33pm Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Henry James 20/12 15.27pm Basingstoke Dave Chaloner
Jamie Alexander 22/12 10.44am Basingstoke Dave Chaloner

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